Detailed Design Brief
Once engaged, we generally sit down and discuss in detail your ideas so we create a detailed design brief. Together we prepare lists of your wants and needs in your new home. We also discuss feasibly and your expectations with regard to design ideas and budget constraints. 

Contour and Boundary Survey
On most jobs it is necessary to have a contour and detail survey carried out by a Registered Surveyor. Easyway Building Design are part of the Precon Professional Services Group so we can arrange for quotes and engage our Surveyor for you if needed. This is particularly important if there is an existing dwelling on the site that is to be demolished or altered. In the case of renovations or extensions, Easyway Building Design will arrange a visit to site measure the existing building.

Town Planning Assessment
Depending on what the proposed project is, a town planning assessment may need to be carried out to determine if the proposal meets council guidelines. An assessment of the local authority building codes will be conducted prior to commencement of concept designs to determine if there are any restrictions that may impact the project.

Soil Testing and Drainage Plans
Every job will need a soil test for the engineer to be able to accurately design the footing system for the building. Different soil and site conditions can vary the cost of the footings and therefore it is important to know if there are going to be additional foundation costs involved with the site. One existing home site, it is imperative that the locations of underground services such as water, sewerage and stormwater are known. Easyway building Brokers will obtain copies of council searches as required to determine approximate locations of these services.

Concept Designs
The design concept is created in stages. Starting with the general layout of the rooms (the floorplan), the design evolves as per the design brief as items are added such as windows, doors and roofs. Changes are discussed and made to ensure the project is exactly to the clients liking before it moves to the next phase. Final concept designs are presented in 3D so the façade shape can be properly visualised.

Design Approval
Once design approval has been achieved, the documents can then be refined for any Town Planning MCU or siting variation applications that are required.

Development Application
If the project requires a Development application, Easyway Building Design will engage our Town Planners to prepare the application and we will work in conjunction with them to ensure the necessary drawings and documentation is prepared for the application.

Plans and Working Drawings
Easyway Building Design will prepare the entire suite of plans as required for the project based on the design approval paperwork. The finished drawings will comply with all necessary Building Codes and Local Authority Building Codes.

A typical set of plans can include:
1. Site Plan
2. Floor Plan/s
3. Dimensions Plan/s
4. Elevations
5. Cross Sections
6. Drainage Plans
7. Electrical Plans
8. Slab and Set-out Plans
9. Floorcoverings Plans
10. Cabinetry Plans
11. Section Detail Plans (Can be numerous pages)
12. OWHS Notes (Generally 4 pages)
13. RSB Notes
14. General Notes and Conditions

There are also additional pages for dwellings with more than 1 storey.

Building Approval
Easyway Building Design can forward copies of all completed plans and drawings to our consulting structural engineers to have the building computations prepared. Once the engineering has been completed we can coordinate the building approval application with our Building Certifier.

Tendering the Build
Easyway Building Design can arrange for the building component to be undertaken by tender through our sister company, Easyway Building Brokers.

Easyway Building Brokers will prepare all the other documentation required for the job to be tendered to builders. They have lists of pre-benchmarked quality custom home builders that all quote to win your job. Easyway Building Brokers act as Project Managers for your job through to completion and handover.