Creating a home design is not just about developing an attractive floorplan and facade. Regardless if you're looking for a Custom Home Designer in Brisbane or a New Home Design Consultant on the Sunshine Coast  or a Buildign DFesigner and Drafting Services company on the Gold Coast, you have come to the right place.  Easyway Building Design are an innovative and creative Building Design company that has the Building Deisgn Sol.utions you need for any situation.

A well designed home is sustainable and cost efficient to run for the long term.  Creating a home that has been specifically designed to suit the orientation of your land will ensure the home optimises solar orientation to take advantage of the sun for warming the home during winter and for protection from the elements in the summer months.

Our design process not only creates magneficient home designs but undertakes an extensive due diligence of the overall project. This ensures that any possible site problems are identified during the process and addressed accordingly.

Because our team are not just academically trained but have decades of practical on-site building experience, we are able to create design that are not only exciting and visually beautiful, they are also cost effective to build and create.

All of our plans and working drawings are created with the builder in mind. We understand that builders need more than just dimension details to be able to effectively construct your new home project.  We ensure the fine details are also part of our standard working drawing package.  This eliminates guess work on site and makes the builder’s job easy for them.  This in turn saves both time and money.

Our working drawings are prepared so quoting of components is easy. With separate plans for things such as floorcoverings, the builder is able to send a copy of specific pages to their suppliers for pricing.

Easyway Building Design will prepare the entire suite of plans as required for the project based on the design approval paperwork. The finished drawings will comply with all necessary Building Codes and Local Authority Building Codes.

A typical set of plans for a conventional single storey home can include:

1. Site Plan
2. Earthworks Plans (if required)
3. Floor Plan/s
4. Dimensions Plan/s
5. Elevations
6. Cross Sections
7. Drainage Plans
8. Electrical Plans
9. Slab and Set-out Plans
10. Floorcoverings Plans
11. Cabinetry Plans
12. Section Detail Plans (Can be numerous pages)
13. OWHS Notes (Generally 4 pages)
14. RSB Notes
15. General Notes and Conditions

There are also additional pages for dwellings with more than 1 storey.

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